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To be the sunlight spectrum leader

People's lives are inseparable from light!
As people's pursuit of quality of life improves, the quality of light in daily life is also increasing. This is particularly evident in the LED lighting products. Traditional lighting, people care whether the lights can shine. After the LED enters the lighting market, the high light efficiency and low heat consumption performance have always been relished. And entering the 21st century, the new lighting concept is proposed, that is ecological lighting!

As a high-tech LED company with selfless, altruism, integrity, ingenuity and innovation, Juhong Optoelectronics has always been determined to be the pioneer of LED lighting. "Make the light technology ecologically", this is the basic mission of Juhong Optoelectronics in the long-term development of the future!

The lighting requirements of LEDs have been changing and improving with the changes and progress of the times. Until now, the light emitted by LEDs has not only satisfied the lighting of life, but also meets many new demands of ecology, environmental protection, comfort, health and nature. The closer the light from the LED is to the natural sunlight, the higher the degree of ecology, environmental protection, comfort and health!
In this context, the first "full spectrum" LED products were developed. The spectral wavelength of these products covers 380-780nm, which can be used for the growth of a variety of plants. It is an indispensable source of light energy for personal life planting and large-scale industrial planting. The “full spectrum” LED independently developed by Juhong Optoelectronics has a color rendering index of over 98, R1~R15 average of over 95, high luminous efficiency, 99.99% pure gold wire and copper bracket, and excellent heat dissipation effect.

Busy city life, a pot of self-cultivating flowers, can not only decorate the home ecology, but also increase the mood of life; greenhouse economic crops, with the help of LED plant lights, rapid and healthy growth, to meet people's demand for fruits and vegetables.

However, the pace of Juhong Optoelectronics can't stop here! We also need innovation, development and progress. Therefore, after a series of technological breakthroughs, Juhong Optoelectronics finally developed a true “full spectrum/sunlight spectrum” LED. This is the foundation of Juhong Optoelectronics as the "first mover of the sunligh spectrum"! In 2018, at the annual GaoGong LED network conference, Juhong Optoelectronics "Full Spectrum / Sunlight Spectrum" won the "Innovative Product of the Year" award for packaged devices!

In addition to satisfying the basic characteristics of "full spectrum", the spectrum of the giant solar "sunlight spectrum" LED, less blue and purple light damage, better continuity, more perfect color, 95% close to the actual sunlight of nature, the light emitted More comfortable, natural, ecological, and healthy; the color rendering index is as high as 99.4. It is the technical embodiment of LED eco lighting in the future! "Full spectrum / sunlight spectrum" technology LED, due to a variety of excellent performance, will become the preferred choice for future LED plant lights, LED high-end commercial lighting, LED eye lights and other light sources.