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New Product:3550 ceramic peanut LED

Usually use high power led and smd led to make Sreet light, Tunnel light and High-pole light etc.But in fact,these two kinds leds have some deficiency.Based on these,Juhong research and develop a new kind ceramic peanut LED.

As this kind LED's lens shape is special,looks like peanut,and use ceramic packing,so it is called as ceramic peanut LED.

(3550 ceramic peanut LED size)
The Feature of SMD ceramic peanut led as below:
1.Performance:Water proof, Moisture proof ,Vibration proof;
2.Function: Double hump lens, 140 degrees large light angle,Silicone encapsulation;
3.Light effect:High light effect,square shape light source,uniform circular distribution.

(Transverse Lighting)

(Longitudinal Lighting)

 Generally speaking, the traditional high power and smd led have the following shortcomings.
Traditional high power led,difficult reflow welding, increase the cost, it is difficult to form large-scale production;led glue structure PPA is easy to crack....
Traditional smd led,easy to absorb moisture, EMC material is brittle and easy to crack;At the same time, need add the extra lens, will reduce the brightness, easy to cause light loss;Increased labor costs, in addition to each do a new product street lamp to mold costs, a large amount of development costs....
(Traditional high power and smd led​)

In comparison, the ceramic peanut LED developed by juhong has obvious advantages: No extra lens;Lighter and Smaller;For differentiated products;Save labor costs;Improve luminous efficiency.

In addition to white light, ceramic peanut can also do other light color, welcome to consult!At present, ceramic peanut LED has applied and passed the relevant patent.Adhere to innovation, adhere to "Make the light technology ecologically", juhong optoelectronic will develop more products in the 
future, please look forward to!